Uninterrupted downtime is difficult to find! Everything else usually gets shoved to the back-burner at the height of the season. However, a new podcast series called the Farmer to Farmer Podcast connects with farmers on the go. The show is for farmers, by farmers, and is hosted by Chris Blanchard, a veteran farmer and educator combining 25 years of experience to get at the big ideas and practical details that go into making a farm work.  Each week Chris interviews an experienced farmer on a new topic.SMADC

Wait, what’s a podcast?

Chris explains in detail here, but podcasts are basically an online radio program that can be listened to (and paused, rewound, replayed) anytime.  You can listen while working on the farm or while driving. You can listen directly from the website or subscribe to it from a mobile device through iTunes Podcasts or Stitcher (for Android users).

I’ve heard farmers say that they listen to it while on the tractor and during their commute to market or an off-farm job, and others say it’s helped pass the time while weeding. While we are always on the go or have our hands tied, it’s nice to be able to listen in without changing up our routine.

There’s something for everyone

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The podcast covers all aspects of farming, no matter what stage or scale you are at. Topics include managing employees,  leadership lessons, new approaches in farming, creating diversified markets, and reflection on things we can all relate to–it is a fresh and honest look at farming today.
One of my favorite episodes, Balancing Off-Farm Jobs with a Full-Time Farm, discusses feeling the pressure to keep and enjoy off-farm jobs, taking the time to scale up slowly as the market opportunities present themselves, things many farmers may relate to.

Tuning in

Work on the farm is usually unplugged from technology, and it seems that is what so many of us enjoy most.  But if you find yourself in need of a new approach or some encouragement, find some time for this podcast, and tune in with others in the farm community, which can be rewarding too.

Using resources and maximizing efficiency is important to profitability in this industry. So try out the podcast next time you’re alone on the tractor, weeding, or driving to market!