Farms in Focus Series

Farms in Focus Series

In 2019, SMADC was awarded a grant through the Rural Maryland Prosperity Investment Fund (RMPIF), to create a series of videos on all aspects of Southern Maryland’s agriculture (land and water) with a focus on the farmers, producers, livelihoods, and goods and services produced by nine key regional agricultural industries: agritourism, aquaculture, equine, forestry, fruits/vegetables/row crops, livestock, nursery/cut flowers, and value-added products.

The “Farms in Focus” series highlights overall agricultural industry products, not specific producers or farms, so the videos may be used industry wide. The videos are available for use by farmers, producers, school systems, economic development offices, libraries, tourism offices, and anyone who wishes to use them to promote the region’s agricultural businesses.



Both aquaculture and wild harvest oyster producers are featured in this video, plus a top local chef shares tips to prepare eat and enjoy oysters.


Maryland’s horse industry is a dynamic agricultural entity that keeps thousands of acres of the state’s farmland in production, and is integral to the States’ economy with an economic impact of more than $2.1 billion.

Value-Added Agriculture

Maryland is home to over 20 value-added agriculture sectors from grains and grapes (think beer, spirits and wine), fruits and veggies (jams, pickles, sauces), milk (ice cream, cheese), meats (bacon, charcuterie) to forestry (biofuels, paper), to name just a few.


Agritourism is a unique blend of tourism and agriculture that comes together in an entertaining and educational package of fun, on-farm activities for adults and children.


Discover the technology, skill and artistry of the region’s thriving garden nursery and cut flower farming industry revealed through the experience of three growers engaged in different cultivation, and business models.


The video explores five regional farms, each with a different livestock focus (pigs, cattle, sheep and poultry), that all share a common commitment to provide the best possible environment and forage for their animals.


Follow the journey of Southern Maryland grown timber from forest glade to finished product and the interdependent business and personal relationships that are vital to the success and overall sustainability of the region’s forestry industry.


While for hundreds of years tobacco was the main crop in Southern Maryland, today row crop and vegetable production are robust staples of the region’s agricultural profile.