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Southern Maryland Meats

Southern Maryland Meats is one of SMADC's most popular branding programs. It was developed in response to the high consumer demand for local, farm-raised meats.

In order to be a part of this brand, farms must be in one of the five Southern Maryland counties, agree to raise, slaughter and package their products according to strict SMM standards, and follow clear labeling procedures. [see the program website for complete details.]

In order to incubate this growing industry, SMADC purchased two freezertrailers to facilitate transportation of animals to USDA-approved facilities for slaughtering. SMADC also purchased several dedicated freezer cases, reserved for SMM products only and placed at centralized locations in the region.

The SMM website, created and maintained by SMADC, provides consumers with clear information about the raising, slaughtering and labeling standards of the brand. The site lists farms that participate in the brand and venues (stores, farmstands, butcher shops) where SMM products are sold.

Program highlights:

  • a dedicated SMM WEB SITE designed to increase consumer purchase of meats directly from farms and markets, restaurants and other venues
  • a dedicated feed on TWITTER
  • an active, dedicated FACEBOOK page
  • highlighted listings in the So Maryland, So Good Meats and Seafood Guide, a directory of meat and seafood providers in the area
  • highlighted listings in the searchable, pop-up version of the So. Maryland, So Good Meats and Seafood Guide [click here]
  • designated freezers located in markets throughout the region, reserved for SMM products only
  • dedicated SMM freezer trailers for transport of animals/meats to and from USDA-approved processing facilities (for SMM members)

Join Southern Maryland Meats: If you are a meat producer in one of the five Southern Maryland counties and are interested in participating in the Southern Maryland Meats program, fill out the SMM Meat Producer Application or email  Egg producers should fill out the SMM Egg Producer Application.

There is no charge to participate at the basic level, which includes a business listing on the SMM website and a highlighed listing in the So Maryland, So Good Meats and Seafood Directory.

If you are already a member and have signed/submitted the SMM Standards Pledge, you may download the SMM sign and logo HERE.


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