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Farmers' Markets Resources

Since SMADC’s inception, it has assisted farmers’ markets in the region through promotion (advertising, brochures), advice for start-up markets, soliciting farmers for markets and acting as a conduit of information for regulations and other pertinent information.

Guides and printed brochures: SMADC develops an annual Farmers Market Guide which lists locations, times and other pertinent info for Southern Maryland farms. It also produces several targeted farm directories (meats, holiday farm items, etc.) which it makes available for distribution free of charge.

SMADC Promotional Market Grants: Southern Maryland farmers’ markets that feature predominantly Southern Maryland farm products are eligible for SMADC promotional market grants. These grants help offset the expenses of promoting the market with advertisements, promotional days, etc.  

Other support: In the past, SMADC has conducted surveys of consumers at various markets in Southern Maryland to better understand the economic and social dynamics of local farmers’ markets and their influence on their local food and business communities. SMADC was also instrumental in making Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly food stamps) equipment to farmers market, allowing them to expand sales to consumers using these funds.


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