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The Annual Buy Local Challenge (Buy Local Week)

The annual Buy Local Challenge is a campaign designed to encourage consumers to try fresh, nutritious farm food at the peak of produce season in hopes they will commit to buying local year-round. Consumers are asked to take an informal pledge to "eat at least one thing from a local farm every day during Buy Local Week (last full week in July)." 

SMADC launched the BLC in 2007 and made the concept and marketing materials available to Agricultural Marketing Professionals (AMPs) across the state. Thanks to their support, as well as support from the Maryland Department of Agriculture, the event quickly grew to be a state-wide, annual event. [See more information at the BLC website]

Program highlights:

  • a dedicated buy local challenge website where participants can officially take the pledge, get tips and recipes, etc.
  • a dedicated feed on Twitter
  • an active, dedicated facebook page
  • free flyers, logo, signs and other marketing materials available for download for use in promoting the BLC across the state
  • a "National Hospital and Health Care Provider Buy Local Challenge" to encourage health care providers across the state to include local foods in their cafeterias, and enhance participation among staff and patients
  • a yearly cookout at the Governor's Mansion featuring recipes and food from Maryland chefs and farmers, and a downloadable cookbook of each year's winning recipes
  • a 10th anniversary celebration event hosted by SMADC featuring local farms

Promote the BLC: If you or your organization/business would like to help promote the BLC, you can download the BLC marketing kit here, which contains files of the logo, printable flyers, etc. If you are outside of Maryland and would like to participate in expanding the BLC to your region, please contact SMADC at for more information.



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