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Past Program: Southern Maryland Food and Farm Map

NOTE: The Southern Maryland Food and Farm map was last updated in 2015. At this time, SMADC does not have funds to maintain and update the map. (You can see the most recent version of the map here.) A current, active statewide map is available through Johns Hopkins Center for A Livable Future at WWW.MDFOODSYSTEMMAP.ORG.


In 2014/15, SMADC partnered with Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future in its efforts to create a comprehensive, interactive food map of the five Southern Maryland counties, to be included in the Center's state-wide food map. This unique resource was created to present the local food system geographically and to spur improvements by indentifying obstacles and opportunities in the food system.

The Southern Maryland Food and Farm map identified:

  • Farms, farmers’ markets and farm stands
  • Supermarkets and small food stores
  • Food deserts
  • Food banks/warehouses
  • Overlapping layers of income, population, and health statistics
  • Schools that provide free and reduced meals (FARM) to children
  • Nutrition assistance offices (SNAP, WIC)
  • Hub and Spoke locations for distribution for the hunger community
  • Public transportation lines

How to use the map: Check the boxes of interest under the tab marked LAYERS at the top of the navigation panel to the left of the map. (Check multiple boxes to view overlapping layers of data.) Use your mouse and the plus and minus symbols in the upper left corner of the map window to pan and zoom. (On a mobile device, swipe and pinch to pan and zoom.) To see a symbol key and a breakdown of the color codes, click the LEGEND tab.

Sources for MAP data: SMADC used GIS and other mapping technology to study the food system in Southern Maryland. The data were mostly from primary data collection, and also includes federal, state, and local government agencies, and project partners. To see a description/definition of each data layer along with a list of sources for that data layer, see this MAP DATA SOURCE PAGE.

Partners: Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, Town Creek Foundation, Calvert County Government, Department of Community Planning and Building.


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