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Past Program: Southern Maryland Food Council

SMADC supplied resources, staff support and funding to form a regional food council designed to bring together diverse stakeholders to integrate critical aspects of the regional food system in order to sustain and enhance the environmental, economic, social and nutritional health and sustainability of Southern Maryland.

SMADC administrative support for the Southern Maryland Food Council (SMFC) ended in July of 2016. The council now functions independently, however SMADC remains a member and continues to participate when appropriate.

Any interested member of the community is welcome to attend SMFC meetings [including committee meetings], to participate in ongoing projects, to join in general discussions and to bring ideas before the Council.


  • SMADC initially conducted initial outreach and provided meeting facilities and administrative support to assemble members of the community active in (or interested in) improving the region's food systems
  • SMADC provided and maintained marketing support and branding to promote the Council, including developement of a website, logo and social marketing presence
  • SMADC provided staff support and hosting for the Council's annual, region-wide Foodways Networking Event, which were well attended and well-reviewed by the community

Initial resources, staff support and funding to create and launch the Southern Maryland Food Council were provided by the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission [SMADC].



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