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Food, Farms and Nutrition

SMADC's goals include a future where profitable farms play an integral role in the health and quality of life of our community.

SMADC is working to increase access of underserved markets to fresh and healthy foods and to improve childhood health (reduction of childhood hunger and obesity) through enhancing the role of farms in nutrition and exercise.

Current projects include:

  • support for EBT (electronic benefits transfer) machines in farmers' markets
  • mapping food distribution in Southern Maryland
  • a hub and Spoke program designed to connect farms with markets in underserved communities
  • the Southern Maryland Food Council, designed to bring together diverse groups and individuals to address issues concerning farm food production, distribution, etc.
  • the annual Crop Hop, a bike tour of Southern Maryland farms, designed to highlight the connection between farms, fresh food and good health, and to help provide fresh farm foods to low-income families in Southern Maryland


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