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Past Project:
Farmers' Markets (EBT Program, Grants, Survey)


SMADC Grants to Markets for EBT Terminals: In 2012, SMADC offered small grants to farmers’ markets in the region to encourage the leasing of Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) machines. An EBT machine is a point-of-sale terminal that allowed a vendor or retailer to accept SNAP benefits.

And in August of 2012, SMADC was awarded a Maryland Agricultural Education and Rural Development Assistance Fund (MAERDAF) grant to assist farmers’ markets in applying for a USDA grant to receive an EBT machine and provide administrative support, stipends for onsite management of the EBT machine during market, and funds for incentive dollars.

Farmers' Market Surveys: In the summer of 2012, SMADC began conducting surveys of consumers at various markets in Southern Maryland to better understand the economic and social dynamics of local farmers’ markets and their influence on their local food and business communities. By analyzing the data, SMADC will be able to determine roughly how much a “buying group” (between 1.6 and 2 people) spend on a given day and estimate the daily sales of the market. Analysis of the responses will enable SMADC to better understand the pull of the market for consumers and whether it, as an individual entity, is bringing consumers to a defined location.


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