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Maryland FarmLINK Info Guides
(SMADC Tutorials)

Step-By-Step Guide to On-Farm Processing of Acidified Foods

Do you want to sell your pickled beets and other acidified foods at a Farmers' Market or to stores and restaurants? SMADC's 'Step-by-Step Guide' has everything you need to get started, including sample forms and important contact information to help you to become a licensed, on-farm processor for acidified foods.

Step-By-Step Guide to Soil Analysis using the NCRS WEb tool

How good is the soil on your farm? (Or the land you are planning to purchase for your new farm?) This step-by-step guide explains how to use the National Resources Conservation Service (NCRS) website to get soil information about specific parcels of land.

step by step guide to agricultural zoning in Southern maryland (and beyond)

This tutorial explores the agricultural zoning in the five So. Maryland counties, including zoning maps and links to each county's comprehensive plan.

Comprehensive guide to land preservation in maryland

This article explores the various tools and programs available in Maryland for land preservation, including land for sale or lease.

step by step guide to applying for an on-farm processor license for meats

This tutorial gives detailed instructions on how to apply for an on-farm processor license for meats in Maryland.

A Realtor’s Guide to Selling or Leasing Farmland

This guide is designed to give Realtors in-depth information on selling or leasing farmland in Maryland.