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Trossbach Produce received a mini grant from SMADC in 2017 to install a high tunnel in St. Mary's County for vegetable production.

GRANTS: Southern Maryland Agricultural Mini-Grant Program

Important Changes to Mini-Grant:

Originally this program was set-up as a quarterly grant. However, due to the high number of applications we received in the first round and the limited funding available, the SMADC Board and the Grants Review Committee have decided to make this a semi-annual grant. This will allow farmers more time to plan and prepare their applications for submission. The current grant cycle is closed.

Round 2 Mini Grant Awards

Congratulations to the recipients of the second round of funding through the SMADC Farmer Mini- Grant:
  • Anderson’s Farm ($1,660) - Heritage Sheep Fencing & Egg Production in St. Mary’s County
  • Jacob Bowen, ($200) - Livestock Scale in Calvert County
  • Dicot Farm ($2,000) - Scaling Up Salad Greens Productions in Charles County
  • Fields of Valor Farm ($940) - Hoop House in Prince George’s County
  • Floating Lotus Farmstand ($1,575) - Season Extension with Hoop Houses in Anne Arundel County
  • David Wood of Forrest Hall Farm ($1,000) Addition of Hoop House in St. Mary’s County
  • Kayla Griffith of Griffith Family Produce ($250) - Family Produce Revitalization: Marketing in Anne Arundel County
  • Hereonthere Farm ($715) - Deer Exclusion Fencing in Prince George’s County
  • Honey Cove Farm ($2,000) - Cattle AI Equipment in Calvert County
  • Horsmon Farm ($2,000) - Hay Accumagrapple Project in Calvert County
  • Loblolly Farm ($1,000) - Transplant Nursery in Charles County
  • Matthew Mudd ($2,000) - Livestock Fencing and Waterline in Charles County
  • Pale Blue Dot Farm ($2,000) - Enhanced Food Safety and Product Marketability Through Installation of a Farm Cooler in Prince George’s County
  • Tobacco Barn Distillery ($1,000) - Whiskey Mash Dewatering System in St. Mary’s County

Mini Grant Program Overview

SMADC is offering a new Southern Maryland Agricultural Mini-Grant Program to assist farmers with small start-up projects and with diversifying/expanding their farming enterprise. The projects should be simple in scope and able to be completed relatively quickly. SMADC will award up to $2,000 per applicant for qualified projects, with a one-to-one match by the farmer.

In 2016, SMADC conducted surveys and listening sessions, and invited the Southern Maryland farming community to tell SMADC what it needs. The Agricultural Mini-Grant program was established based on what SMADC heard from the farming community.

Examples of projects for consideration: Purchase of foundation livestock, purchase of plant stock, marketing and promotion of current farm operation, fencing, hoop house, materials needed for value-added production, and on-farm upgrades to enhance food safety, per compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) produce safety rule.

Read the grant criteria here.

Previous Grant Awards

Congratulations to the recipients of the first round of funding through the SMADC Mini-Grant. The following farms received matching funds to be used towards the projects listed.
  • 804 Cattle Company ($2,000) -- Cattle Corrals in Prince George's County
  • Bowling Farm ($1,875) -- Livestock Fencing in Charles County
  • Heart Barn Farms ($2,000) -- Perimeter Fence in Anne Arundel County
  • Holiday Memories Farm, LLC ($2,000) -- Pick Your Own Blueberries in Anne Arundel County
  • Indian Summers Farm ($2,000) -- Perimeter Fence in Charles County
  • March Meadows ($2,000) -- Goat Fencing in St. Mary's County
  • Owl's Nest Farm ($1,600) -- Rainwater Catchment System in Prince George's County for winter high tunnel production
  • Terra Alta Farm ($2,000) -- Cattle establishment in St. Mary's County
  • Trossbach Produce ($2,000) -- High Tunnel Greenhouse in St. Mary's County for vegetable production
  • Wyoming Farm ($2,000) -- Orchard Establishment in Prince George's County


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Get more info: Grant opportunities for farms are offered periodically.
Other programs such as the rental equipment program for farmers in the region and the FARMERS' MARKET SUPPORT Program are available as well.
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