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Beginning Farmer Resources

SMADC offers several resources that specifically benefit new or transitioning farmers.

  • Mentor Match Program: The Maryland FarmLINK Mentor Match Program pairs experienced farmers (mentors) with new or transitioning farm owners/operators (mentees) for one-on-one training, advice and interaction. 
  • Farmland to lease or purchase: SMADC and Maryland Farmlink offer direct consulting for those wishing to work, lease or purchase farmland in Maryland. Contact for more information.
  • New farmer stories. See the strategies, challenges and outcomes of other new farmers. The TOMORROW'S HARVEST website features stories of those involved in FarmLINK's Mentor Match Program.

Additionally, new farmers may also benefit from general resources SMADC makes available to all Maryland farmers, including training and tutorials, equipment rental, networking opportunities and more. See the Resources for Farmers page on this site and the Maryland Farmlink website for more information.

Here are some other links to resources for beginning or transitioning farmers offered by other agencies and organizations:

  • Beginner Farmer Training Program by future harvest: The Beginner Farmer Training Program by Future Harvest is a part-time, year-long intensive for individuals committed to a career in sustainable agriculture. A matching program between farming trainers and participants provides hands-on learning, which complements workshops on sustainable agriculture and business planning.
  • Beginning Farmers Success: Beginning Farmer Success is a University of Maryland Extension partnership program providing farmers with tools and education to explore, refine, develop and implement farm businesses.


Explore other farm resources offered by SMADC:


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