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Advertising With SMADC

SMADC offers advertising to farms and non-farm businesses on several websites and printed publications, including the popular So. Maryland, So Good Farm Guide, Southern Maryland Trails guidebook and various mini farm directories. All of SMADC's printed publications are available to view on-line and are heavily downloaded by consumers in pdf format.

Frequently asked questions:

Print or web? You can place an ad on one (or more) of SMADC's websites or in a variety of print publications.

How do I order? Click on the links to the right >> to access order forms for each publication. The order form will pop up in a separate screen. You may need to disable your pop-up blocker to view the form. If you prefer to fill out a paper copy, contact for assistance.

Who can advertise? Farms AND non-farm businesses advertise in SMADC's publications. (You do not have to belong to a SMADC program or be a farm to purchase an ad.)

What is the difference between ads versus listings? If you own a farm or business that sells or uses farm products, you may be eligible for a basic listing in several SMADC publications at little or no cost. Paid ads offer much more space and the opportunity to showcase your business far beyond the basic listing.

What is the demographic of viewers/readers? Both digital and print ads are a profitable and unique opportunity for your business to reach customers that are educated, health-conscious and interested in buying local products and supporting local businesses.

What is the cost to advertise? There is a separate price structure for web advertising [see here], print ads in SMADC's two large directories and mini directories [see here]. There is a 20 percent discount (print ads) for those running their existing ads for multiple/repeat insertions..

How many views will my web ad receive? SMADC does not offer pricing based on "hits," "views" or "click-throughs." Your ad will alternate with not more than two other ads. Ads will display for approximately 35 seconds and then rotate to the next ad. Information on approximate daily page views for each website is coming soon.

What is the circulation of the print guides? Information on the circulation of the various print guides is coming soon.

Who pays for the design of my ad? Ad design is included in the base price of print and web ads.

Who designs my ad? SMADC contracts with professional graphic designers to create ads. Our designer will work closely with you throughout the process to be sure you are happy with your design.

What is included in my ad design? Our designer will use your existing logo, photos and graphics to create your ad. Ad design does not include logo design, purchase of additional stock photos, design of complex graphics, etc.

Will I see a proof before my ad goes to press? Yes, you will have an opportunity to proof your ad once the design is finished.

Can I submit my own ad? Yes, advertisers can submit ads. They must be designed to the exact specs of the guides or websites and be submitted in an acceptable file format [see here]. You can also submit live files of an existing ad and have it resized by our designer. There is no discount for submitting finished ad files.

Can I use my SMADC ad in non-SMADC publications? Yes, SMADC will make pdf files and/or live files available for a fee. Be sure you understand what can and cannot be done with ad files. [details here]