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ABOUT SMADC: What We Do (Overview)

Land Preservation: SMADC's land preservation efforts focus on keeping farmland protected for today's farm families and ensuring our nation's food security into the future. By protecting the land from overdevelopment and attendant problems of pollution, strain on natural resources and disintegration of infrastructure for farmers, SMADC encourages a balance between environmental responsibility and the needs of a growing population. [Read More]

Agribusiness Development and Research: SMADC assists in identifying innovative, sustainable, market-driven agricultural enterprises most likely to be successful in our region. A key focus of SMADC is to help to diversify farming in the region, fostering an agricultural economy much stronger than the historic model based on a single key crop.

Regulations: As farms seek to innovate and adapt to changing market needs, SMADC works with local legislators and agencies to help navigate and shape regulations that will both protect the consumer and promote a vibrant agricultural future.

SMADC Grant Programs: Targeted grants provide help for farms transitioning into new agricultural ventures that would otherwise be perceived as risky and/or cost-prohibitive. [Read More]

Retaining and Recruiting New Farmers: SMADC's Maryland FarmLINK provides mechanisms for farmland transfer, mentoring connections and business partnerships for current and future farmers. [Read More]

Resources, Networking and Education/Training for Farmers: A seminar and conference program, interactive Web sites and various networking events are all part of SMADC’s extensive efforts to give farmers the tools they need to grow and thrive. [Read More]

Access to Fresh and Local Food: SMADC works with farmers’ markets, hospitals, schools and other institutions to expand access to fresh and local farm foods. [Read More]

Public Outreach and Education: Creative and adaptive marketing and outreach programs are changing consumers' buying habits. Programs like So. Maryland, So Good help consumers "find the farms that fit their needs." The Southern Maryland Trails: Earth, Art, Imagination connects farms, the arts and the broader cultural tourism community. The annual Buy Local Challenge highlights the value of local farms to our families, our communities and our planet. [Read More]

Educating the Next Generation: Today’s young people are tomorrow’s farmers and tomorrow’s educated and healthy consumers. SMADC’s children’s programs teach children about farms, give them access to locally grown foods and bring future farmers together to interact and learn. [Read More]


Can SMADC help me with my project?
SMADC has offered a wide array of services to the community such as grant funds, business planning, networking, educational workshops, conservation equipment, marketing and public outreach.

How can I apply for funding?
Call 301-274-1922 or e-mail us at for information, guidelines and applications for all funding programs.


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